When looking for land to buy, the right place is the first step of a house building project. This is the beginning of a long and complex procedure. Nevertheless, with these few tips from shadowland live, you will move more serenely in your field research project to buy.

Seeking land to buy: what type?

There are two
types of building land – the land in subdivision and the isolated land.

A subdivision
field is, as its name suggests, from the division of land into parcels or lots.
In general, it results from a partnership between the developer-developer, the
municipality and a multidisciplinary team. The land subdivision is sold ready
to build, that is to say that you have the guarantee that it is serviced,
buildable and connected to networks. You have no other way to study or prepare
the field. The latter is also limited. You know its area and its precise

On the other hand,
the purchase of a land in subdivision makes you obligated to follow
specifications for the construction. This concerns both the architecture
(materials used, colors, roofing, etc.) and the layout of the land (type of
fences, trees, layout of the house). The construction must therefore comply
with these standards in addition to the Local Urbanism Plan defined by the

Do not buy isolated land

The main
disadvantage of the isolated lot is that you expose yourself to certain risks
in relation to the nature of the soil, the surface area and the viability.
These problems may cause your budget to explode because of the necessary work.
So be careful if you decide to buy an isolated lot. Do your survey or ask for
an expertise before the actual purchase. On the other hand, the purchase of an
isolated or diffuse land gives you more freedom in the construction, in
particular on your architectural choices. The only standards you must follow
are those of the PLU.

Criteria to check when looking for land to buy

Many people
dream of having their own house built. The first step in such a project is the
purchase of the land. Several criteria must be carefully studied before buying

The location: as for the purchase of housing, the location of the land is a key criterion. Check the proximity of public transport and infrastructure such as schools, shops etc. Also, consider the environment. Is there greenery around? What is the density of buildings? Are there industrial sites or other facilities at risk nearby? These are all criteria that must weigh in the balance at the time of purchase. Apart from these criteria, also ask the Departmental Equipment Department about upcoming major projects such as the construction of a nearby motorway, etc.